Everyone's gliding observatories


The Everyone's Gliding Observatories (EGO) initiative is a gathering of several teams of oceanographers, interested in developing the use of gliders for ocean observations. The glider is a relatively new platform in oceanography, but one which has great potential. EGO started in Europe with members from France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom. However, this group is open and is not restricted to European partners at all ( members). Here, we present a short description of the current glider projects in the framework of EGO, as well as news and resources related to gliders.

The partners of EGO have been funded by both European and national agencies to operate gliders for various purposes and at different sites. Coordinated actions (our so-called EGOs) are being set up for these sites in order to demonstrate the capabilities of a fleet of gliders for sampling the ocean, with a given scientific and/or operational objective.