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>> Some example of deployments :


The French Non-Governmental Organization “Voiles sans Frontières”


Nathanaële Lebreton, responsible of the Deployment team for Coriolis, met the NGO members and presented the Argo project during a seminar attended by interested persons from medical and paramedical sector. She got a lot of questions about the oceans, the profilers,…



The Military vessel Commandant L’Herminier

It has deployed 10 floats during summer 2012  by Gilbraltar strait and to the gulf of Guinea.

This cruise was also followed by an elementary class and it was the occasion to teach children on how an ARVOR float operates, what it measures and for which purpose. The children visited the vessel before its departure and followed the activities during the campaign.

An article was publish in the newspaper  "Cols Bleus" n°2999 in September 2012 (page 22  application/pdf Marine_Nationale_sept_2012 1.91 MB).


Mise à l'eau d'un Apex depuis l'Aviso-CDT-LHerminier



From Saling boats before and even during a race 

  • The racing yachts MOD 70 and KRYS OCEAN RACE

Steve Ravussin (Multi-one attitude, Race for Water) and  Michel Desjoyaux (Foncia) skippers accepted to deploy floats on their way to the KRYS OCEAN RACE departure (New York -Brest) where there were gaps in the Argo network.  The arrival was during the “Tonnerres de BREST” festival in July and outreach activities have been performed by N Lebreton and L Petit de La Viléon  on the race stand  to explain how floats operate, how they are deployed using video made by the skippers, how the data are processed and can be viewed by general public.

A vidéo was made during the deployment from the MOD 70 Race For Water. More actuality on the Rave for Water web site: here et UNESCO web site here.



  • The SOJANA et le FOFTEIN of RYE are the first sailing vessels that deployed 4 ARVORS floats (2 each) in June 2012 during the Maxitransat 2012 race from Antigua to Europe.  To know more refer to Alexia Barrier narrative :  application/pdf News-Maxitransatlantic-Sojana-2012 941.40 kB


The Goélette Rara Avis

The RARA AVIS schooner is own by the AJD association created by the father Jaouen in 1951 to help young people that have difficulties in their life.

It left Brest port on the 15th December 2012 for Antigua with 4 ARVOR floats on board that will be deployed between Canary Islands and Antigua is areas poorly sampled by Argo.


Goélette Rara Avis




Twenty floats were deployed using these opportunity vessels in 2012 . These new partnerships were rich in term of human exchanges with people interested in oceanography sciences. Great experiences that will be renewed in the future.