KPI - Key Performance Indicators, global DU

The Key Performance Indicators of the global in-situ TAC are daily calculated.

They provide indicators on avalability and quality of in-situ data distributed by CMEMS.

KPI-1 : data availability

KPI-1 monitors the delay between the last date of observation and the first date of availability on CMEMS ftp server.

KPI-2 platform monitoring

KPI-2 tracks the number of platforms that performed observations within day.

KPI-3 index file monitoring

  • KPI-3a : number of files listed in the index file minus the number of files available on the ftp server.
  • KPI-3b : monitoring of metadata information in the index file.

KPI-4 quality flags monitoring

KPI-4 monitors the quality flags applied to data

  • KPI4b : percentage of data flagged as good or probably good (1, 2).
    The percentage is calculated per platform and data-type.