Submit data

You can provide ocean data to us; we then provide you data management services:

  • data formating
  • real-time quality control
  • data distribution to individual users, operational oceanography community such as GTS or Copernicus
  • data discovery and data access services


Submit XBT and CTD data from a research vessel or a ship of opportunity

2 email addresses to be used

  • (COriolis DAta Centre) is the address to be used to exchange information, to ask questions or to report problems to the Coriolis data centre
  • is the address that must be used to send data to the Coriolis

Email “Subject “ must mention at least SHIP NAME and CALL SIGN

  • Example : “CTD data from Meteor DBBH”

Expected formats

  • XBT: it is recommended to send the .edf Sippican format. Please check that the probe-type (ie T-5) and the fall rate equations are correct regarding the configuration of the acquisition system. Other formats (ie NetCDF Devil format) can be taken into account after prior exchange ( with the Coriolis Data Centre.
  • CTD: the .cnv (Seabird format) is the recommended format. Other format can eventually be taken into account after agreement from the Coriolis data centre

Full resolution or decimated data?

  • It is recommended to transmit the full resolution data but PIs can consider the transmission of decimated data (1 measure every bar)

Which parameters ?

  • At least Temperature and Salinity should be transmitted but other parameters can be transmitted after agreement with the data centre.


  • Data received within 30 days after data collection will be distributed on the GTS unless the PI asks us not to do it.
  • The data centre will acknowledge the reception of the data.

Download the procedure: application/pdf How to submit data to Coriolis? 184.99 kB


Submit glider data