C-RAID Copernicus in situ project

C-RAID project is a global reprocessing of drifting buoys data and metadata.
The C-RAID dataset contains the metadata of 20.000 drifting buoys, deployed between 1979 and 2018.
A first phase of 10 000 drifting buoys full reprocessing is published on

Zunino Rodriguez Patricia, Rannou Jean Philippe, Poli Paul, Blanc Frédérique, Carval Thierry, Billon Christophe (2021). C-RAID improve the access to historical drifter data: Copernicus Reprocessing of Argos and Iridium Drifters (C-RAID)

This delayed mode dataset is now ingested and available from Coriolis and Copernicus Marine in situ TAC.


C-RAID 10 035 drifting buoys trajectories provide more 10 410 years of observations (current, sea water temperature, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, …)