Argo floats interoperability services

Argo floats data and metadata are available through a series of web services.

These services may be used by third party portals to distribute Argo observations and other types of data.


Display an individual float's data and metadata

Use the WMO platform code as ptfCode variable.


Display an individual float's data and metadata in XML format

You may use the XML format to customize the floats display in your own portal.


Display all Argo floats


Display a group of floats


Argo profiles and trajectories data selection

Argo data are also available with various in-situ data such as moorings, buoys, ships, sea-mammals on Coriolis data selection.


All individual float's metadata, profile data, trajectory data and technical data

The ftp server organization and the NetCDF CF data format is described in the "Argo user's manual".

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Argo profiles data on OpenDAP, OGC-WCS and http

The Ifremer Thredds data server allows data selection and data distribution in 3 protocols:


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Argo data trough Oceanotron data server

Oceanotron aggregates and distributes oceanographic data through a series of protocols such as :

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Argo data trough ERDDAP data server

ERDDAPaggregates and distributes oceanographic data :

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Argo profiles data through GCMD-DIF protocol

The GCMD-DIF data description may be harvested by catalogues such as OAI (Open Archive Initiative).

Data harvested in a catalogue are distributed through various data portals.

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Argo data through RDF and OpenSearch protocols

RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has features that facilitate data merging even if the underlying schemas differ, and it specifically supports the evolution of schemas over time without requiring all the data consumers to be changed.

A description of the 9000 Argo floats and their million profiles is available from the Argo Global Data Assembly Centre (GDAC).

This description is used in data portals such as the EU ENVRI-GenesiDec project.

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Display Argo profiles and trajectories with GoogleEarth