on Gliders

This section provides access to the latest version of the documentation provided by EGO-Groom data management team.

EGO-Groom glider data formats and procedures


EGO-Groom NetCDF time-series data from Coriolis DAC

The first glider NetCDF times-series data files from Coriolis DAC are now available.
For each glider deployment, a version 1.0 data and metadata file is freely available.


Collaborative development

The software developments are managed in a project forge.

Software, documents, configuration files are managed on a SVN repository

Issues are tracked on Mantis

You should have a SeaDataNet or Coriolis account.

  • Request an account at : codac@ifremer.fr 

Example : http://www.coriolis.eu.org/All-news/News/SG558-glider-deployed-in-Norwegian-sea-a-first-implementation-of-EGO-data-processing