Coriolis 11

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Coriolis 2014-2020: an integrated in-situ observation infrastructure for operational oceanography & ocean/climate research

Deploying Argo floats in the Barcelona Workd Race

The Euro-Argo ERIC officially set up

Assesment of the impact of Argo in ocean models & satellite validation from E-AIMS projet

Argo and SMOS SSS combination helps monitoring SSS variability from basin scale to mesoscale

French Pirata cruises S-ADCP data processing

TPOS2020: Tropical Pacific Observind System for 2020

Calibration of CTD oxygen data collected in the coral sea during the 2012 bifurcation cruise

Surface current field improvements – regional altimetry for SPURS

The GROOM project & the Glider European Research Insfrastructure