White book on oceanic autonomous platforms for biogeochmical measures

The PABIM (Plateformes Autonomes en Biogéochimie : Instrumentations et Mesures) White book is now available


PABIM is a project funded by the Group Mission Mercator Coriolis (GMMC) with a two fold objective:


  1. To implement a set of automatic quality control tests for the oxygen and chlorophyll-a data collected with autonomous platforms.
  2. To write a “White Book” on the present day status of the biogeochemical oceanic observations performed with autonomous platforms.

PABIM is composed by eight French laboratories strongly involved in scientific activities related to the exploitation and the use of autonomous platforms for biogeochemical oceanic observations and is primarily devoted to the “moving” autonomous plateforms: gliders, profilng floats and animals.
The rationale was to provide biogeochemical oceanographers with a “user's manual” on the autonomous platforms, with the declared aim of sharing the experiences of the authors towards an enlarged community.

The PABIM team contributes to the EURO-ARGO project, which organises the European contribution to the ARGO program.