Global Ocean

Temperature and Salinity data available for the Global Ocean from Coriolis (last 30 days of data)

Every day, the Coriolis data center collects temperature and salinity data on:

  • worldwide networks (GTS , ARGO/GOSUD/OceanSITES GDACS...)
  • European portals set up by the Eurogoos ROOSes
  • French or European facilities such as Research Vessels

The data are quality controlled and made available on a daily basis to the operational oceanography community and for research purposes

In Collaboration with European (EuroGoos, MyOcean) and International (Argo, Gosud) partners, Coriolis is extending its services to additionnal parameters ( Oxygen, sea level, current, chlorophyl, nutrients) . It integrates these data, quality controled by partners, in its database and distribute them through the same portals to operational and research communities.