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Coriolis Newsletter 12 preview
Brest 2016


The French programme CORIOLIS, as part of the French operational oceanographic system, produces the COriolis dataset for Re-Analysis (CORA) on a yearly basis.

CORA description

Szekely, T., Gourrion, J., Brion, E., Von Schuckmann, K. Reverdin, G., Grouazel, A., and Pouliquel, S., 2015: CORA4.1: A delayed-time validated temperature and salinity profiles and timeseries product. Proceeding from 7e EuroGOOS conference, To be published.

Cabanes, C., A. Grouazel, K. von Schuckmann, M. Hamon, V. Turpin, C. Coatanoan, F. Paris, S. Guinehut, C. Boone, N. Ferry, C. de Boyer Montégut, T. Carval, G. Reverdin, S. Pouliquen, and P. Y. Le Traon, 2013: The CORA dataset: validation and diagnostics of in-situ ocean temperature and salinity measurements. Ocean Science, 9, 1-18,, doi:10.5194/os-9-1-2013

Versions & Documentations

The CORA dataset is published on SEANOE:

  • Szekely Tanguy, Gourrion Jerome, Pouliquen Sylvie, Reverdin Gilles (2016). CORA, Coriolis Ocean Dataset for Reanalysis. SEANOE.