The following objectives were assigned to Coriolis for the 2009-2012 period:

  • Consolidate and operate at sea observation acquisition, data collection, validation and distribution in real time and delayed mode, at global and regional scales for ocean forecasting and monitoring systems,
  • Provide a data service to the operational and scientific community from France, Europe and international,
  • In agreement with the recommendations issued by JCOMM , the joint commission WMO ( World Meteorological Organization) and IOC ( Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) on the implementation of the world ocean observing system,
  • Encourage and promote the real time distribution of in situ data necessary to ocean forecasting and monitoring systems,
  • prepare the extension to an European collaboration in coherence with the governance of the Euro-Argo Infrastructureand GMES Marine Core Service.

The following perimeter has been defined for the period 2009-2012:

  • Coordinate the French contribution to Argo network and contribute to the specification of at sea acquisition means ,
  • Promote and coordinate the acquisition of new data streams by the Coriolis members
  • Collect quality control, and validate the data available at national, regional and international scales in coherence with international recommendations to fulfil ,Coriolis users needs
  • Archive and distribute the data and derived products to users.

To achieve these goals CORIOLIS is organised in 3 components:

  • Data acquisition at Sea led by N Lebreton (SHOM)
  • Coriolis data Centre led by T. Carval (IFREMER).
  • Research & Development led by C. de Boyer Montégut (IFREMER).