Development Plan

The 7 institutes involved in operational oceanography in France (CNES, CNRS, Ifremer, IPEV, IRD, Météo-France, Shom) decided in 2001 to joint their efforts within Coriolis in order to:

  • organise and maintain data acquisition in real-time and delayed mode of in-situ measurements necessary for operational oceanography.
  • set up an operational in-situ data centre,
  • develop and improve the technology necessary for operational oceanography.

Coriolis also coordinates the French contribution to the international Argo project and deploys about 65 floats per year.

CORIOLIS started in 2001 as a pilot project that was turned to an operational structure in 2009 with the signature of new agreement by the 7 institutes who initiated Coriolis. Coriolis perimeter has been extended to regional observation used by the Mercator and Previmer façade models as well as the maintenance of observing networks such as PIRATA, SSS and drifting buoys.

After a developing and evaluation phase from 2001 to 2008, Coriolis entered a pre-operational phase working towards sustainability on the longer term.:

  • Consolidation and towards national sustained system (2009-2012). During this phase Corolis sustain the French system and transition from a French service provider for operational oceanagraphy to a European one within the scope of GMES Marine Core Service and the MyOcean EU project. In particular Coriolis will work on providing an enhanced service in the European seas.
  • Consolidation and towards national sustained system (2013-+) After 2013, a sustained service will be provided through Coriolis with a governance structure that will be defined not only at French level but also at EU within GMES Marine Core Service