The dataset available at CORIOLIS data center is used in real time and delayed mode by several scientific and operational teams.

A number of applications are run by CORIOLIS, such as:

  • Daily real time analysis of temperature and salinity for checking the data consistency and detect anomalous data.
  • Weekly analysis to produce global gridded fields of temperature and salinity (access to products).
  • Re-analysis for estimating the climatological fields.


Scientific teams contribute to the project in different ways : 

  • They contribute to the observation system by deploying floats during scientific cruises and providing XBT/CTD measurements in real time.
  • They contribute to the data validation by using CORIOLIS data in their analysis, and provide their feed back.
  • They may also use CORIOLIS products as the background ocean state for analyzing biological or chemical data or for other types of process studies.