GTSPP: Global Temperature & Salinity Profile Program

The GTSPP is a cooperative international programme under JCOMM that maintains a global ocean temperature and salinity resource with data that are both up-to-date and of the highest quality possible. Both real-time data transmitted over the GTS and delayed-mode data received by contributing countries are acquired and quality controlled by ISDM (Canada) and eventually incorporated into a continuously managed database maintained by the National Oceanographic Data Center NODC (USA).

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ISDM assembles BATHY and TESAC GTS reports each day, and from daily files sent from Japan, USA, and Germany. Decodes, QC and updates to ISDM archives occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. ISDM distributes all new or changed records to about 6 users on the same schedule through ftp.

French contribution to GTSPP

As many of the contributors to GTSPP, France considers as an important activity to acquire vertical profiles with XBT and CTD casts. French research vessels (Pourquoi pas ?, Atalante, Le Suroît, Thalassa, Beautemps Beaupré, Marion Dufresne, Alis, Antéa) transmit their data to the shore where they are integrated to the global Coriolis data set. The data are automaticaly quality controlled and inserted on the GTS within a 2 hours delay after reception( 24/24 and 365/365). Further visual quality control is performed during working days.

The XBT and CTD data collected at french level are regulary send to the US NODC as a contribution to GTSPP.
Through Coriolis T & S profiles collected with the help of Sea Mammals are also sent to GTSPP


GTSPP national reports