Data Collection

France contributes widely to the SSS network and provide the data to the GOSUD project

  • 7 french research vessels acquire thermosalinograph data in a routine mode and transmit their SSS and SST data to the Coriolis data centre (Gosud GDAC) on a daily basis.
    Meteorological data are also sent on a daily basis. The following research vessels have been equiped for such a data acquisition and transmission
    • Pourquoi Pas ? (Ifremer)
    • L'atalante (Ifremer)
    • Le Beautemps Beaupré (Shom)
    • Le Suroît (Ifremer)
    • Thalassa (Ifremer)
    • Marion Dufresne (IPEV)
    • L'Europe (Ifremer)
  • IRD leads the ORE SSS (Sea Surface Salinity Observing Network). SSS data are collected on board 12 merchant vessels and 2 research vessels. They are checked before any transmission to the GDAC