GOSUD is an international programme for the collection, data processing, archiving, and real-time and delayed mode distribution of Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) and other variables collected underway, by research vessels and ship of opportunity.

Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) is an important parameter for which we lack data. In situ high quality SSS data are of the biggest importance to calibrate, validate SSSS acquired from space by the satellites SMOS (launched november 2009) and Aquarius (planned to be launched in April 2011) and to monitor the behaviour of the satellites.



GOSUD ship

Nuka Arctika ship

Pourquoi Pas

French Research Vessel Pourquoi Pas ?

Sea Surface Salinity data reach the Gosud GDAC –Global Data Centre- either by direction submission or through the GTS.


Through a fruitful cooperation between ISDM (Canada) and Ifremer (France) the trackob messages from the GTS are sent on a regular basis to the GDAC.


The US NODC acts as the Global Repository Data center of the GOSUD data




They are 2 main data streams within the Project:


  • Near real time
  • Delayed mode. Using a tool developed by IRD (France), it is possible to elaborate a SSS delayed mode data. The ancillary data related to the SSS data must be well known (TSG calibration coefficients, water sample analysis, other neighbouring data such as Argo data


The French contribution is related to data collection, data management and R & D activities


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