GYROSCOPE is a European project for operational oceanography.

Contacts : Yves Desaubies, Walter Zenk
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On the 8th of December 2003, the conductivity and salinity all Provor floats equiped with a FSI conductivity sensor have been calibrated.
It represents 80 floats and 3892 vertical profiles.

Many tests on PROVOR-FSI floats have shown that salinity measurements are modified by the presence of the damping disk. Due to the characteristics of this damping disk which disturbs the conductivity measurements, the salinity values of the PROVOR-FSI floats need to be corrected by applying a calibration. This step has been done at the Coriolis Data Center for some specific versions of PROVOR-FSI floats which are controlled by the Coriolis DAC.

  • This calibration was done with the following equation : C' = a*C + b,
    Where C is the conductivity, a and b are :
    slope a = 1.000773
    offset b = -0.00495
  • With the new conductivity C', the new salinity S' is computed : S' = f(P, T, C')

Float list: Project GYROSCOPE, Active floats