ETO-BB is a joint project from SHOM and IRD.(France)


During the Beautemps Beaupre ETO cruise, Argo floats have been launched (may 2003)


The PROVOR profiles will be particularly useful in the framework of climate studies in the equatorial and tropical Atlantic, as the CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic Variability program (TAV), and EGEE/AMMA. Particularly, the temperature/salinity profiles allow the study and analysis on the mixed layer characteristics (temperature, salinity, depth) that contribute to govern the heat and water exchanges between the ocean and the atmosphere at the interface.

They also allow to follow the T/S properties and their evolution within the different water masses (surface, central, intermediate waters). Furthermore, the T/S profiles will be used for assimilation in the numerical models, in the framework of operationnal oceanography (especially the MERCATOR program).

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