This page is dedicated to european scientific projects to whom Coriolis data centre (DAC) provide the decoding , realtime Quality control and distribution services.


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Argo Finland

Argo Finland description :

Scientific contact : Tero Purokoski,

Argo AWI

Data management contact

Argo Greenland

Argo-Greenland is a project from Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contact : Detlef Quadfasel

Argo norway

PI : Einar Svendsen
Contact :

Argo Spain

This project initiates the direct contribution of Spain, which also contributes through the European project Gyroscope, to the international project Argo. It has started with the planned deployment of 13 profilers. The project has been funded, as an special action (REN2001-4022-E), by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología; it is led by the Instituto Español de Oceanografía: other partners are Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (CSIC), Puertos del Estado, I. Hidrográfico de la Marina, I. Nacional de Meteorología, Universities from Málaga, Castilla-La Mancha, Cádiz y Las Palmas de G. C. and AICO-InterOCEAN.

Contact : Gregorio Parilla IEO España
Data Contact :


BSH is a contribution to Argo project from Germany.

Circulation and Climate of the Indian Ocean

PI : Juergen Fisher

Clivar Marine German Program

PI: Wilmar Van Der Zwet
Data management contact

Dutch Argo Program

PI: Andreas Sterl
Data management contact


PI : Jens Schimanski
Data management contact