French Float Deployment

Coriolis coordinates Argo float deployment at French level. France is deploying about 65 floats per year (50 funded by Ifremer and 15 by SHOM). Each year a call for tender is issued within the French community. The scientific teams who are chosen deploys the floats and commit to ^perform the delayed mode quality control for the floats they receive. They also commit to provide Argo with CTD made during deployment activities to be included in the Reference Data base for Delayed mode QC.

In exchange the Coriolis deployment ensure the following tasks

Provor Float at sea
  • acceptance tes of the floats and preparation for deployment
  • definition of deployement strategy in collaboration with the Argo community
  • organization of the logistic to ship floats
  • technical at sea monitoring of the Argo Provor fleet


Metrology activities

Deployment methods