Argo -France

Argo France is organized through the Coriolis partnership (CNES, Ifremer, INSU, IPEV, IRD, Météo-France et SHOM).. At regional scale, Argo France is supported by the IUEM Observatory (OSU IUEM) and funded by the CPER of the Brittany region. A European Research Council (ERC) advanced grant has also been recently obtained by LOV to work on the development of a biogeochemical component for Argo.

The overall objectives of Argo France are the following :

  • to provide to french scientist high-quality physical and biogeochemical data measured by Argo profiling floats to help and promote the french contribution to climate research and more generally to oceanographic reserach based on Argo data;
  • to consolidate and organize the french contribution to Argo and the european research infrastructure Euro-Argo;
  • to promote biogeochemical measurements from profiling floats and the developments of in situ data network for biogeochemical data


For more information see Argo-France WWW site