European Contribution to Argo

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The Euro-Argo array is the European component of a world wide in situ global ocean observing system, based on autonomous profiling floats. The Euro-Arogo objective is to provide a sustained European contribution to the international Argo program

The main objective of the Euro-Argo preparatory phase is to undertake the work needed to ensure that by 2010 Europe will be able to:

  • Deploy, maintain and operate an array of 800 floats. This will require Europe to deploy 250 floats per annum worldwide.
  • Provide a world-class service to the research (climate) and environment monitoring (e.g. GMES) communities.

This project will consolidate and broaden the present European participation in Argo and will develop further a leading role of Europe in global ocean observations and in ocean and climate research. By providing adequate networking and cooperation between member states, it will give an increased visibility to the large contribution made by Europe to Argo and will contribute to the development of European excellence in Argo-related research.

More informations on EuroArgo web site.