Argo Network description

Argo is a global array of 3,000 free-drifting profiling floats that measures the temperature and salinity of the upper 2000 m of the ocean. This allows, for the first time, continuous monitoring of the temperature, salinity, and velocity of the upper ocean, with all data being relayed and made publicly available within hours after collection.

Argo Float drawing

argo.avi is a float animation that explains the purpose and method of Argo . Click here to see Argo network expansion

It is deployed by an important on nations worldwide ( see details on Argo Information Center www site ) and the data are processed by more than 10 data centers within 24h from acquisition using the same quality control procedures. The QCed data are then transmitted to the two GDACS ( Coriolis and USGODAE) that provide an integrated access to the complete network.

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