A quick look at MyOcean in-situ documentation


The MyOcean In Situ Tac distributes the products from one global center and 6 regional portals that are organized the same way , apply the same RTQC procedures and distributes the products using the same data format, same flagging convention and SDN vocabulary.

Main documents

Users are advised to use the index files to select and then download the files they are interested in. For example, if a user is interested in retrieving the files that provide data in a specific area, he just has to select the lines for which Lat,Lon are incuded in the box [lat_min,lon_min: lat_max,lon_max] , store the complete file name in a list and then perform a get of all the files of the list


How to download data from MyOcean in-situ global distribution unit ftp

  1. Register as a MyOcean user if you did not do it yet, you will receive a MyOcean personnal login and password.
  2. ftp
    user, password : your MyOcean personnal login and password


For Baltic :

  1. ftp




An example of script to select and download data files is available at :