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Coriolis Newsletter 12 preview

Global Ocean

Temperature and Salinity data available for the Global Ocean from Coriolis (last 30 days of data)

Every day, the Coriolis data center collects temperature and salinity data on:

  • worldwide networks (GTS , ARGO/GOSUD/OceanSITES GDACS...)
  • European portals set up by the Eurogoos ROOSes
  • French or European facilities such as Research Vessels

The data are quality controlled and made available on a daily basis to the operational oceanography community and for research purposes

In Collaboration with European (EuroGoos, MyOcean) and International (Argo, Gosud) partners, Coriolis is extending its services to additionnal parameters ( Oxygen, sea level, current, chlorophyl, nutrients) . It integrates these data, quality controled by partners, in its database and distribute them through the same portals to operational and research communities.